Disability Evaluations

If you or someone for whom you provide care are experiencing symptoms of mental illness, it may seem difficult or impossible to find or retain employment

At MHS, our skilled clinicians are here for you,  providing unbiased disability evaluations from the perspective of a caring mental health professional, with your best interest in mind.

Unlike the evaluations administered by some disability claims examiners, your disability evaluation with Mental Health Solutions will be individually customized to meet your exact needs, and it will be performed by a trained mental health professional who specializes in diagnostic assessments. If you would like, MHS will even submit your evaluation for you upon its completion.

To set up your evaluation or to ask a question about disability evaluations, call the number below and one of our 24-hour live operators will ensure that a member of our trained team of mental health professionals personally returns your call to answer all of your questions and set up an appointment for you or your loved one.

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